Excellent attendance is fundamental to an excellent education. The school’s attendance policy supports the policy outlined by the Education Secretary which states that children are not to be absent from school for holidays or other non-essential reasons during term time. Only in exceptional or mitigating circumstances will an absence be approved.

Punctuality is important. Please make sure your children arrive in plenty of time for the school bell at 8.50am. Once the classes are in school please enter via the school office.

If your child is absent from school for any reason (including medical appointments) please telephone the school office to report the absence by 8.30am. Please send a written note when your child returns to school. Every effort should be made to avoid medical and dental appointments during school time. Where this is unavoidable, please put details of the appointment in writing to the class teacher.

As a school, we are required to provide details of all unauthorised absences to the Local Education Authority.