Bryony Morris Bullock

Chair of Governors
Bryony previously worked in the civil service for a number of years and brings with her a familiarity with and understanding of using and drafting legislation, policy documents and statutory guidance. Since joining our Greenvale “family”, she has been a staunch supporter of the work of the Friends.

Bryony is our EYFS, Health and Safety governor, a member of the Teaching and Learning Committee and the mother of Jemima who currently attends the school.

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Alison Fisher

Vice Chair of Governors
Alison Fisher has served on the Governing Body for the past eight years and is a very active member, participating in many committees. Alison also has responsibility for Safeguarding and Every Child Matters.

Alison is vice-chair of the Governing Body and has a passion for ensuring that the curriculum is broad and balanced, providing each individual with what they need to succeed. Both of Alison’s children Glenne and Laura have previously attended the school.


Dan Bowden


Mr Bowden is Headteacher of the school and has served on the governing body for around 9 years. As Headteacher, he serves on each of the Governing Body committees and is responsible for reporting to the governing body on matters relating to Safeguarding, The Quality of Education, Personal Development, Behaviour and Attitudes and finally the school’s Leadership and Management.

Mr Bowden has been at the school for 14 years in total and is keen to continue to develop and improve the school for all members of the Greenvale community.

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Tracey Whiting

Deputy Headteacher / Associate / Teaching & Learning / SEN

Mrs Whiting is one of the Deputy Headteachers at Greenvale and is the School Inclusion Manager. She has a particular passion for Early Years and Special Educational Needs.

Mrs Whiting has been an Associate governor at Greenvale for over 5 years and has also served on two other school governing bodies in the past.

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Ms Nicci Obertelli

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Helen Harrison

Staff Governor / Teaching and Learning governor
Helen has been on the Governing Body for a year and is elected by the staff at Greenvale.  Helen is an experienced teacher and has taught at the upper range of KS2 for a number of years.

Helen has a passion for Reading and also holds the position of Reading lead in the school.

Helen’s wealth of experience, expertise and practical understanding of what life is like in the classroom makes her a very valuable member of the governing body.

Louise Macaulay-Sutherland

Louise Macaulay-Sutherland

Parent Governor / SEN Governor
Louise has been an active member of the Greenvale community for a number of years, having been the Chair of the Friends of Greenvale and also having served on the Governing Body for a number of years. Louise has a keen interest in provision for SEN pupils and works closely alongside Mrs Whiting to ensure that the school has an inclusive approach in all that it does.

Louise is mother to Axel and to Inez who both attend the school.

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Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher has been chair of the Governing Body for the past four years and remains a passionate and active member.

Mike serves on a number of committees, including Finance, Premises and Data. Both of Mike’s children Glenne and Laura have previously attended the school.

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Hillary Richardson

Co-opted Governor / Curriculum governor
Hillary has recently retired from the role of Headteacher at Parish Church Primary School and brings with him a wealth of experience of school leadership.  Hillary currently supports fellow school leaders in another school however feels most at home in the classroom teaching children.

Hillary is parent to Samuel and Emily who are both ex-Greenvale pupils and are now studying at Trinity and Riddlesdown Collegiate respectively.