The Arc

At Greenvale, we are incredibly lucky to have The ARC Centre on our site. The ARC Centre is an animal education provision for children of all ages.  

The ARC have a range of animals as well as two specifically adapted environments (Desert and Rainforest) which house a number of different species. Ranger Louise and Ranger Iain, along with their staff are incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about educating children about their animals and helping them to have an appreciation for nature.

The ARC is a provision for different schools in and out of the borough. They also provide specific before and after school clubs for children to attend as well as specific sessions for pupils with Special Educational needs and those who may be in receipt of personalised interventions.  

All pupils at Greenvale will be in receipt of one education session per year which will often tie into their taught topics covered throughout the year. Year 6 pupils are also given additional responsibility to be ARC Managers and supervise with the feeding and cleaning of animals.  

For more information about The ARC Centre, please feel free to check out their website by visiting

Why not check out these videos recorded down at The Arc Centre.  

Ranger Emily reads a story to Frodo...

Learn all about the Aragog the tarantula...