Reading at Greenvale

At Greenvale, we believe that teaching children to read is the best gift that we are able to provide our children with.  Pupils who develop a love of reading perform significantly better than their peers due to their increased access to vocabulary, understanding of different genres and styles as well as developing a pace to their learning which ensures that they are able to grasp and understand concepts quicker than their peers.


At Greenvale we try to promote a love of reading in a variety of ways including:

  • 10 before 10 lists
  • Class reading books
  • Investing in high quality texts
  • Reading club for Year 3 and Year 4
  • Comprehension for homework
  • 1:1 reading for children falling behind


This year we also plan to:

  • Provide parents with questions for 10 before 10
  • Create an area in school for parents before and after school to read with their children.
  • Introduce a reading card challenge (Ensuring children read frequently to an adult) for KS2 classes.

10 before 10 lists / 10 more before lists

Each class at Greenvale has a list of books, chosen by the teacher, that they are to read throughout the year.  We call these the 10 before 10 books.  Therefore in the year that the child turns 10 years old (Y5), they should aim to read 10 of the books on the class list.

If the children completes this list, they are rewarded during an assembly.  Following this, the children are given a ‘10 more before’ list of books to ensure that they are able to continue their reading journey.

Attached below are the list of books for each year group.


Class reader books

In Key Stage 2 (Year 3-6) each half term, each class will have a ‘class reader’ which they will be sharing with their classes.  Much of the literacy work will focus around this text and provide children with ideas and vocabulary which will stretch them during lessons.  We believe that it is always helpful for children to have a copy of the text in front of them so that they are able to follow the text as the teacher reads.

Below is a table of books for each year group.



My child doesn’t like reading…

We have yet to meet a child who does not enjoy a story.  It may well be that they have not yet found the book that interests them.  Your first port of call should always be your child’s class teacher who can always advise on books to try based on your child’s interests.

Don’t forget, it does not have to always be that they read to you as the adult.  You reading aloud to them or taking a page each means that your child will still be absorbing what is read.

My child can read, why do I still have to listen to them so often? 

Just because a child is able to read the words on the page, it does not necessarily mean that they fully understand what they have read.  I’m sure as an adult, there will have been times where you may have read a page with your mind elsewhere and you then realise that you have not taken on board what you have just read.

By reading aloud, your children can also work on their use of expression as well as being able to discuss the storyline or characters within the text.

I can’t afford to purchase all of the books.  Can I get them from anywhere else? 

The school does hold copies of the 10 before 10 books in school.  Should there not be any available, they can be purchased online (second hand copies are often much cheaper) or borrowed from the library.


The Book Depository -

Abebooks -


Gifting a book

Book plate on sticky label