Friends of Greenvale

Greenvale Primary School has a flourishing parents association - the 'Friends of Greenvale' - and we value their work in supporting activities and providing additional finance and support for the School.

The Friends of Greenvale (FOG) are an important part of our school community, and we strongly encourage all parents and caregivers of our students to become involved. FOG comprises of a group of dedicated parents and caregivers who work together with school staff to support and enhance the education of our students.

Being a part of FOG allows parents and caregivers to have a direct impact on the education and wellbeing of their children and the school community as a whole. By joining the FOG, you can have a voice in important decisions that affect your child's education, as well as the school community. FOG also provide an excellent opportunity to meet other parents and caregivers and build a sense of community within the school.

FOG help to organise a variety of activities and events throughout the year, such as fundraisers, social events, and educational programs, that benefit both students and the school community. Through these events, parents and caregivers can also get to know the school staff and other parents, as well as become involved in the school community.

In addition, FOG provides a valuable link between the school and the parents and caregivers of the students. They host regular meetings and open forums where parents and caregivers can provide input and feedback on school policies and activities.

We understand that many parents and caregivers have busy schedules and may not have a lot of free time, but we encourage you to get involved with FOG in whatever way you can. Whether you can volunteer your time or just attend meetings, every bit of involvement helps to make our school a better place for our students.

To get involved, please contact the school office for more information on how to join the FOG and upcoming meetings and events. We look forward to working together to support our students and school community.

The Friends have helped with purchases of toilets, computers, interactive whiteboards, stage lighting, a sound system, air conditioning units and numerous pieces of playground equipment. Their latest project is the construction of a new outdoor teaching area on the lower field.