Please bear with us as we update this page to display all staff members


Senior Leadership

Mrs Sarah Syradd
Deputy Headteacher
Mr Dan Bowden
Mrs Tracey Whiting
Deputy Headteacher


Teaching Staff

Mrs Michelle Clow
Reception Class Teacher
Mrs Michelle Neri
Year 1 Class Teacher
Louise Chapman
Year 1 Class Teacher
Mrs Mamta Malik
Year 2 Class Teacher
Caroline Kemp
Year 3 Class Teacher
Mrs Helen Harrison
Year 4 Class Teacher
Mr Charlie White
Year 5 Class Teacher
Mr Alastair Crow
Year 6 Class Teacher
Mrs Jenny Francis
Music Teacher


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Sonilda Vani
Mrs Lizzie Long-Lee
1-1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Carol Catchpole
Mrs Teresa Melia
Mrs Lisa Amon
Mrs Margo Roberts
Mrs Jo Thibeault
Mrs Cathy Spence
Mrs Nikki Grabban
Mrs Denise Rose


Office Staff

Stacey Bell
Alison Smith
Mrs Jean Thorpe


Support Staff

Mr Chris Bower
Sports Coach
Mrs Cook
Midday Supervisor
Jeanette Rayner and Teresa Smith
'Afters' after-school club
Mrs Mandy Martin
Swimming Teacher
Mrs Tina Dangerfield
The Lollipop Man
Mr Stuart Malley
School Caretaker
Mrs Jenny Crier
Midday Supervisor
Mrs Bev West
Midday Supervisor
Mrs Emma Piper
Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Jo Thiebault
Midday Supervisor

Kitchen Staff

Miss Leeanne Stone
Kitchen Assistant
Annette Mayhew
Kitchen Assistant