Curriculum Information

What is the Curriculum like at Greenvale?

The Curriculum is a title used to group the different learning that will be taking place in schools.  Whilst schools must ensure that there is coverage of the curriculum objectives, it is for each school to decide on how they will go about meeting these objectives.

The information below provides parents with a brief overview of our curriculum offer at Greenvale.  For further information, please click on the curriculum tab and select the relevant area.


From an early age, children begin reading books that support their developing phonics skills.  At Greenvale, we use the Project X and Hero Academy decodable books which can be matched to particular sounds that are covered during daily phonics lessons.

Once a child has achieved the required level of phonological awareness, children are able to progress, move onto Oxford Reading tree books as well as Project X books, covering both fiction and non fiction genres.

Once children have developed fluency, they are able to move onto free choice reading books of their choice.

Each class also had a list of recommended reads, selected by class teachers which includes texts suitable for each year group.  These are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are representative of our community, take account of books that may have recently been released and ensure that the themes covered promote a love of reading amongst our pupils.

In Key Stage 2, each class has a class reader which is read aloud to pupils on a daily basis.  For further information, please click on the reading tab above.


At Greenvale, we use CLPE (Centre of Literacy in Primary Education) planning which is linked to the new National Curriculum.  Lessons are focussed around a whole text which provides children with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a text as opposed to reading a particular section and then moving on as the particular topic may have changed.   In order to ensure that there is a full coverage, teachers also use the Hamilton Trust which contains literacy plans in all areas of literacy to ensure that all objectives can be met.


At Greenvale, we use the White Rose materials to support the teaching of maths.  This scheme has a strong focus on problem solving and reasoning.  For more information, please click on the Maths tab above.




In Year 1-6, each class works from the IPC (International Primary Curriculum).  This is a scheme which covers many Foundation subjects including Science, History, Geography, Music, Art and D.T.  The IPC also contains an ‘International strand’ which encourages pupils to think not just of their local environment, but across the world.  Teachers also adapt planning to ensure that it is personal to our school, making links to Forest School, Food Growing and The ARC .

Whilst our Reception class do not follow the IPC Curriculum, they follow a themed curriculum which makes links to the EYFS curriculum.  Topics include: Celebrations, Superheroes and Traditional Tales.

For more information about the IPC and to have a look at what is covered in each topic, please click on the IPC tab.


At Greenvale, we use the 2Simple Purple Mash scheme of work.  Where possible, links are made across the curriculum to ensure continuity across subjects.  The school has an ICT suite, 16 iPads and 32 Chromebooks.  The school use Google Classroom for online work, both within and outside of school.


As a school, we use the Croydon scheme of work for Religious Education at Greenvale.  This focusses on the 6 main faiths including Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism and Buddhism, as well as considering some of the main festivals that take place throughout the year.


In Reception and Key Stage 1, teachers use Real PE; a story-based resource which promotes not only health and fitness, but develops children's personal, social, cognitive, physical, creative ability.

In Key Stage 2, teachers use the Twinkl Move planning scheme as an overview to the teaching of PE.  The school buy into the Croydon Sports Partnership who provide support and advice to the school in relation to the teaching of PE.