At Greenvale, Design and Technology is a practical subject that allows pupils to use their creativity and imagination to design, test, and create innovative products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts. There are three strands that are covered in Design and Technology; Sewing and Textiles, Cooking, and Construction. In Design and Technology, pupils are encouraged to use their creativity to brand, test and innovate new and original designs based on past and present designs. They learn to take risks and become more aware of the impact that their products and design have on daily life and the wider world. Design and Technology builds upon skills and knowledge across the year groups. Starting in the Foundation stage where children use their imagination and learn to follow simple instructions, moving up to key stage 2 where pupils are expected to use the previous knowledge and skills taught in order to design and create more sophisticated models and systems. Design and Technology largely focuses on the safety and handling of tools, materials and ingredients.

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