Our approach to the teaching of maths

‘I’m rubbish at maths’ is a phrase said far too often by adults and children alike and nothing could be further from the truth.  Everybody uses maths everyday.  Whether it’s checking how long until the next bus, or whether you are weighing out ingredients for your latest ‘lockdown’ sourdough.  Whether it’s working out how many fish fingers to cook for 4 people or checking whether you have been paid the right amount that month.  Maths is everywhere and we are good at it.  At Greenvale, we strive to show children that maths extends beyond calculations on a page.  Every lesson starts with a problem to solve, we create links and think about what they already know that could help to solve the problem.  Then we teach a skill - one that has a role in helping us to solve the problem - giving us a reason to learn it.  Once this skill has been practised and applied to different situations.  We bring the lesson to a close with using the skill to solve the problem we began with.  This cycle enables children to see themselves making progress and gives the learning purpose.  

Our aim is that children leave our school feeling confident and knowing that they are good at maths.

Lesson Structure


What Maths looks like

Year 6 (Key Stage 2)

Year 2 (KS1 - Independent work)


Year 1 (KS1 - Group work)